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Our mission is as simple as it is grand:

”We want to make the world a better
and greener place to be”

We know we can’t change the whole world. But we can start in a corner. We can do things the way we believe is right, even when it is not the easiest or most profitable way.

When we begin in our corner by doing what we are good at – making efficacious organic skin products – we can ensure that the environment and people within our reach are better off than before. That they will flourish a little more. And after all, that’s no small achievement.
Our mission is
  • To offer our customers an organic choice that is both efficacious and safe
  • To strengthen people and nature through social and environmental involvement
  • To give our employees and partners the chance to make a positive difference
  • To inspire more people to act with compassion for each other and our planet
RexCure – Holbaekvej 67–71 - DK-4420 Regstrup - Phone: +45 59 59 00 51 – CVR.: 35 24 65 75 – rexcure@rexcure.com