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The RexCure brand is brought to life by a team of creative and strongly committed people. Our common ground is defined by four values, on which we base all our decisions and actions:

We take responsibility for our role in the world

We want to make the world a better and greener place to be, both the near and the wide. So we keep our social and environmental responsibilities in mind and make an effort to always leave positive footprints on our surroundings, while we manage RexCure as a financially sound business.

We do things whole-heartedly

We involve ourselves deeply in what we do; half-hearted efforts make no sense to us. Our attitude is positive and characterized by the focus and energy that comes from working with something, which is deeply meaningful to us.
We value creativity
If we were like everybody else, there would be no reason for us to be here. So we strive to think new, and we value our employees’ ideas and resourceful creativity. We stay curious with the guts to make changes. And to lead the way.

We are open to others

As a brand we want to always meet the world with an open mind. Internally this means that we embrace the colourful differences in people and are good at communicating. For our partners and customers it means that we are easy to talk and deal with – and that our products are not luxury goods for the few, but economically within reach for most people.
RexCure – Holbaekvej 67–71 - DK-4420 Regstrup - Phone: +45 59 59 00 51 – CVR.: 35 24 65 75 – rexcure@rexcure.com