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RexCure formulates and manufactures natural and organic based products and cosmetic beauty focused on providing healthy skin care quality ingredients. All products are free of any harmful toxins and made only with the highest quality ingredients. It is the Danish philosophy that healthy lifestyles and organic practices are quintessential. Our products are truly as close to pure and natural as possible.

RexCure is renowned for its ability to take natural ingredients and incorporate them together to bring the purest, finest skin care products in the world. Not only is RexCure doing this for their own line, but is also helping other distributors and retailers around the globe. One of the top Aloe vera distributor in Europe, AloeVeritas has called upon RexCure.

For example; the RexCure - AloeVeritas products are formulated with natural quality key ingredients including;




RexCure – Holbaekvej 67–71 - DK-4420 Regstrup - Phone: +45 59 59 00 51 – CVR.: 35 24 65 75 – rexcure@rexcure.com