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We want to leave positive footprints on our planet…

RexCure develops and sells first-class organic skin products based on efficacious herbs – completely free from parabens, hormones, colouring, perfume, silicone and other chemicals. RexCure is safe for nature and people, including children and people with allergies. As a company, we are driven by our beliefs:
  • We are 100% organic and toxin-free
  • We are against child labour
  • We are against animal testing
  • We minimise our CO2 outlet and use of water
  • We are support nature wherever we can
  • We support social projects for children and young people

Purely made in Denmark…
RexCure is a Danish company with an international brand and a division in USA. We work innovatively with the latest research within ecology and skin care and constantly seek to improve our products and green competences. All production takes place in Denmark where we are able to supervise first-hand that everything is organically and ethically correct.

… and on our way out in the world
In 2000 we tested our first ready products on voluntary test people – with great success. Since then the response from our customers has been immensely positive, and today RexCure is on its way into the markets in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the US.

... and whats not in our products:
Our products so not content parebens, artificial colouting, hormone disruptors, perfume, Gluten, Hydrolyse wheat protein and we dont use Child labour ot animal testing.


RexCure – Holbaekvej 67–71 - DK-4420 Regstrup - Phone: +45 59 59 00 51 – CVR.: 35 24 65 75 – rexcure@rexcure.com